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Chapter One
The Newlyweds

Heaven knows, I never intended to be the rambling kind at all. I would have been perfectly content to live out my entire life in one place, with a single family to love and care for me, instead of wandering about the country like some feline vagabond, depending on my wits and the kindness of strangers.

Chapter Two

Trouble in a Blanket

When Beth climbed out of Sam's truck that afternoon she was carrying a small bundle, not much bigger than I was, wrapped in a fluffy pink blanket. Walking up the sidewalk, she hugged it tightly to her body, as if protecting it from some invisible danger. Once inside the apartment, she went straight to the bedroom and curled up on the bed, still cradling the mysterious bundle close beside her. Naturally curious to see this great new treasure, I hopped up to have a look. Much to my surprise, Beth shrieked and pushed me away.

What readers are saying:


From Allbooks:


Catwalk is the story of Tiger, a tabby cat. Her owners have a new baby and Tiger feels neglected and ignored. Soon she begins living outdoors more and more and finds herself alone in the great big world. 
Tiger meets many friends as she journeys across the continent, some are nice and some are not but she manages to survive. 
A sweet tale for children, especially those with cats of their own. It is written from the cat’s perspective and this adds to the story. This book is available in ebook as well as printed versions. Watch for the sequel. 
Recommended by reviewer Haley Hodge, Allbooks Review. Jan. 2008

From Amazon:
Lots of CAT-itude Here
In CATWALK, Kathie Freeman's descriptive prose has the reader pulling for Tiger, a much-traveled and plucky cat in this picaresque tale of one cat's struggle for survival. As Tiger is caught up in the uncertainties of life, Freeman paints a graphic picture of the precarious life of too many of our feline companions who find themselves either lost or abandoned. Fortunately, Tiger has the inner strength and good fortune to make it on her own, and CATWALK comes to a happy and unexpected conclusion. ~Victor DiGenti, author of Windrusher and the Trail of Fire

On the Road with a very clever cat

By Catresea Ann Canivan on September 25, 200

If you like cats and adventure stories, this is the book for you! Kathie Freeman has created a spunky feline protagonist that you can't help but root for and a colorful world of natural and human wonders for her to explore. Touching, funny, wise & unique - I've never read a book quite like this. I didn't want it to end and hope Ms Freeman writes a sequel :-)

Blog Reviews:


I had the pleasure of reviewing Catwalk: A Feline Odyssey by Kathie Freeman. I have always had a soft spot for cats and still do to this day. I am definitely what you would call a cat-lover or a crazy cat lady! Anyone who feels the way I do about cats will absolutely love this book, but make sure you have a tissue box handy!

Catwalk is a story that follows a tabby cat named Tiger; from the beginning when she was taken in by a newlywed couple as a kitten to her struggle for survival and her search for home. This book will appeal to all animal lovers and people of all ages. 

Although I wanted to wring the necks of those who hurt poor Tiger, I was also riveted by her story of trying to keep herself and her babies safe and warm and fed. Tiger ends up meeting a variety of characters along her journey including a Cajun fisherman who gets caught by a local game warden, a trio of hobo's, a circus crew, and also a pair of warehouse workers who want to give her a home. 

I really loved this book. The story was sad at times, but little Tiger always manages to carry on despite adversity and danger. I just wanted to take Tiger in and keep her safe! Kathie Freeman obviously knows cats and their behavior, as her writing and description of cats, and their characteristics was spot-on. Ms. Freeman manages to take the reader right into the world of Tiger and show us her perspective on things around her, nice or not. This book will capture your heart and make you wish Tiger the safety and comfort of a loving forever home. I would highly recommend Catwalk: A Feline Odyssey to anyone. 


Cheryl Pasquier 


Do you remember at primary school, when the teacher always used to say, "Imagine you're an animal and write your story". Well, this is exactly that story ! It's the delightfully simple, almost childlike, tale of a friendly tabby cat, who finds herself in all sorts of scrapes and adventures. As the old proverb says, curiosity killed the cat - or in this case, curiosity sent the cat thousands of miles away from its owners into a scary, hostile, totally unknown world - and we follow her epic journey as she tries to make her way back home.

They say that cats have nine lives and our feline narrator has at least that many, frequently changing name as she is adopted by various humans for short periods of time. She is a bit like a kitty cross between Bill Bryson and Forrest Gump, as she describes the landscapes and wildlife she encounters as she crosses America but frequently showing her delightful naivety and innocence, not always knowing or understanding the things she is witnessing.

The author perfectly depicts the playful feline behaviour any cat-lover would instantly recognise, such as playing with knitting yarn and desperately trying to catch prairie dogs as they pop up in their desert hidey-holes, and these passages are very entertaining and endearing.

From Goodreads:


Vida Svahnström rated it 4 of 5 stars

I read this book when I was ten or eleven. I don't remember where I got it, or where it is now (unfortunately I think it was lost in the move). I didn't even remember I'd read it until about five minutes ago, when I looked at my Timehop app and saw that I had posted about how much I loved it. It was a while ago I read it, so I cant comment on specifics, but I do want to say one thing about this book.

When I read this, I was just starting to learn about the work of animal shelters and rescues. When I read this, I was just starting to learn about the work of animal shelters and rescues. I don't think I even realized it then, but this story truly impacted me in a huge way. This book was one of the reasons I started spaying & neutering feral cats and fostering kittens. Today, I have spayed/neutered around 200 cats and taken in & adopted out at least 100 kittens, strays, or other unwanted cats. I think I can say that, at least partially, that is thanks to this book. I loved it so much - I can't believe I forgot about it. Kathie Freeman, thank you for helping me find my passion.


A.F. rated it 4 of 5 stars

Catwalk: A Feline Odyssey by Kathie Freeman is a charming, creative book, just the type of fiction that makes perfect reading for an afternoon. Waves of nostalgia washed over me as I thumbed through the pages, as I was reminded of the books I read when I was younger.

The book is written from the point of view of a cat, a sassy, sweet-tempered girl, who narrates her own story with a delightful voice. Her odyssey begins with her first home, as the pet of a young couple. Conflicts arise and she is soon abandoned by the pair, pregnant and alone, to fend for herself. The rest of the book recounts her adventures as she finds a new place to live, becomes an accidental stowaway, and then has to find her way back home. 

The book is suitable for most ages and is an enchanting read. The author does an excellent job of capturing the character of a cat and maintaining a believable note of feline authenticity. Scenes and settings are also shaped with a wonderful realistic touch, with rich three-dimensional characters.

It does sag a bit in the middle, stretching the credibility just a bit, but not enough to detract from the enjoyment. In addition, the ending did leave a few loose endings dangling, which distracted me from the happy conclusion. These are not major problems, simply minor quibbles.

Catwalk is an appealing book and I recommend it happily.

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