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Silly Cats Coloring Book

Free Printable Cat Coloring Pages

Kids, cats, and coloring books - the perfect combination. A match made in heaven, you might say.

You've seen lots of coloring books before, of course, but this one is different. The cats are real, and the silly things they're doing are their own idea. I just happened to be there, and caught their silliness with my camera.

It took me about a week to make the photos into drawings, and the result is what you see here. There are fourteen pages of silly cats, and one of cat silhouettes. If you love cats, and I know you do, then this coloring book is for you.


This Silly Cats Coloring Book download is absolutely FREE, no strings attached! You can print it, e-mail it, link to it, or even put it on your own web site to increase your traffic. Just have fun with it.


That's it. Good luck and have fun
For best results download individual images to your own computer before printing, otherwise some images may not print properly.
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