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On Hunting

Cats Tongue Poetry Slam
Keeper of the Yard

by Halloween
I keep my human's yard safe.
This is my job and I do it well.
The table is high and I can see far.
If it moves, I can see it.
If it moves, I can hear it.
The smaller creatures I chase but do not harm.
The large creatures I do not chase.
The rabbits I do not chase.
The woodchuck that lives under our shed and eats only weeds
Him I do not chase. 
Vultures and also the big turkeys I do not chase.
I fear them.

Rodent Control

by Sheba of the Nile
In the thick grass I hide.
The small juicy rodent looks away. 
Be patient.
It moves closer.
Control your tail.
Now within paw's length,
I pounce!

Night Watch

by Ghost

I watch by night, for that is when they come.
In the food room
In the storage room
In the laundry room.
The mice fear me and they hide.
It is to no avail for I will find them.
I will find them and they will die.
The bugs are foolish and do not hide.
I catch them.
I let them go.
I catch them again.
The bugs are foolish and they die.

Hunting Boo-boo

by Angel
I kill de mousy on de floor.
I jumped on its hed and I eats de tail.
O-o-oh I am sick.
It was not a real mousy.
It was jus preten mousy. 
O-o-oh I am sick.
I will not hunt the preten mousy again.

In Search of Solitude

by Mithras
For cozy places to sleep I do hunt
Away from the prying drool 
Of the cretinous dog that taints
The very air I breathe.
The imbecilic beast 
Thinks I am an interactive chew toy.

Master Hunter

by Shakespeare
I hunt everyday!
For a more comfortable chair
To nap on.
A bed 
To nap on.
Or whatever
To nap on.
This is what I hunt.


by Bonnie and Dancer
Here in our run prey does not come often.
The odd mouse strays in
But still we are denied.
In a flash the usurper Pixie pounces!
The chance is lost.
Curses, foiled again!

Purr has become quite private in her senior years. 
Just picture how she looks 
on her bright red velvet cushion. 
Her orange hair is long and wavy. 
It's been brushed til it shines like a polished floor. 
Not a single hair is out of place. 
Her smile warms the coldest of hearts. 
Her big green eyes are clear as glass. 
In short, Purr is one classy cat. 
Purr just said so and Purr doesn't lie.

The Ready Position

by Purr
Hunkered down, paws under my chin
Atop the red velvet cushion I wait.
This is The Ready Position
In my youth I would lie in the weeds 
Still and quiet as if I were dead.
Patience, patience, and more patience.
Now I teach the young ones.
Hunkered down, paws under my chin
Atop the red velvet cushion.

Little Fishes

by Precious
I walk the edge of the backyard pond
Watching the little fishes swim about.
They think they can hide
Under the lily pads,
But I watch and I wait.
The water is cold on my paw.
The fish are swift,
But I am swifter.
Now there are not so many fishes.
I like little fishes.

Passive Hunting

By Ghost
I hunt with my ears, and not in the yard.
The canopener gives me the clue.
I go in the food room and sit and wait
'Til all the mixing is done.
A can of tuna, 
And something else.
There's always some left in the bowl.
It's a special treat and a thousand times better 
Than looking for a mouse.

The Easiest Hunt

by Archie
I do not hunt.
My human does it for me.
That is all.

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