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About Me

I was born and raised in Newbury Park, California, a rural area northwest of Los Angeles. Our home was on property owned by a church-run boarding school where my father worked, as did the fathers of most of my schoolmates. The next nearest family lived half a mile away, but there were 5 of us kids (eventually 7), so we spent our days alternately playing with and tormenting one another.


Our elementary school was a classic one-room school, all eight grades under one teacher, and under the close supervision of the Academy.

I took a lot of math and science courses in the upper grades with visions of a career in nuclear physics, but it never really inspired me and for a number of reasons I never went on to college. I left home at nineteen and got a job at a transistor factory.


The first year was a struggle. I barely earned enough to make ends meet, but things finally turned around when I met Norman. He moved in with me after a few months and we pooled our finances to be a bit more comfortable. I moved up to more skilled jobs with better pay, and after a couple of years we moved into a house of our own. We got our first cat about a year after we met, a purebred Siamese given to us by a friend. A few months later we were adopted by a stray, the first of many. 


After I injured my back at work I started writing, short stories, articles, whatever came into my head. Mom always did say I had a wild imagination. We moved to northwest Oregon for two years in the early nineties. Norman had lived there briefly as a child and remembered how lush and green it was. What he forgot was why - it rains ALL THE TIME! Back to sunny California.

"Catwalk" was published in 1998, and I started on my next project. I'll let you know when it's finished. Okay, so I'm not the fastest writer in the world. Stay tuned.

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